Immersive, avatar-based virtual platform for connecting, engaging and developing people.

Built to help you succeed 
in the new world of work. 

We are on the brink of a revolution
that is fundamentally changing the ways we work

Employers are struggling to retain their best people. According to a McKinsey study, 40% of workers globally are considering leaving their current employer within a year. On the other hand, in the hybrid world, talent is everywhere and employers can hire from anywhere.

Employees are increasingly demanding much greater flexibility. Gartner has found that post-pandemic, 52% of employees are asking for hybrid work arrangements, up 30% from pre-pandemic times. And more than 70% of workers want remote work options to continue. 
There are many more trends at play in the new world of work. A key concern that remains is how to sustain engagement and continue to build strong company cultures in this new environment. 

Technology to power the future of work 

Successful companies of the future will move away from being location or office centric, to being human-centric.    

By putting their people first, they will be able to reduce a range of costs - from real estate, to travel, to employee attrition.

They will benefit from being more productive and more resilient to change in the long term. 

They will continuously look for ways to empower their employees
and engage with them meaningfully during all the important touchpoints of their career journey.

Unforgettable experiences for the moments that matter

Talent acqusition & onboarding

Innovative ways of attracting & recruiting your candidates can help you win the war for talent

And when it comes to onboarding, research by Glassdoor shows that a great employee onboarding experience can improve retention by 82% - that’s absolutely massive! 

& Development

Our virtual world is also perfect for all types of training and development activities, individual or team based. 

And it’s not just for employees. It can be leveraged for customer-facing or community events. 

Internal Communication & Events

Internal communication and event teams are always on a lookout for engaging, memorable way to get the message across - be it employee town hall meetings, internal company events, business reviews or kick off meetings, and a whole host of other events throughout the year. 

Key benefits

We connect remote teams 
in one interactive space 

We offer unrivaled interactivity 

We engage audiences via individual or team games 

We make your brand stand out

Confer-O-Matic is a platform running as a client application on Windows 10 and macOS operating systems. Download, unzip & run. No installation, VR equipment or anything else needed.

What our clients and attendees are saying: 

I think mDevCamp just nailed the part I was missing the most in remote events - the ‘being in the room’ feeling. Well done!
Vadim Drobinin iOS Engineer, Public speaker
I am delighted. Hopefully this will be a direction other online conferences will take.
Joanna Lamch Microsoft MVP Expert
Great job guys!!! this is the real virtual conference on steroids.
Dominik Simonik GDG Organizer

An award-winning solution trusted by big-name clients. 
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European Excellence Awards 2020

🥇 1st place
Internal Communications category 

European Excellence Awards 2020

🥈 2nd place
Internal Channel
(Intranet, Digital Workplace & App)

European Excellence Awards 2020

🥉 3rd place
Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia,

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