Interactive 3D virtual space for large online events.
Invite your attendees to experience something completely different!

Planning an event for your employees, or registered attendees?
With Confer-O-Matic you will get a 3D virtual world where anyone can meet,
watch live streamed talks, chat through voice & video and much more!

Available for Windows and macOS. No VR headsets needed.

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Confer-O-Matic connects the best from the virtual world with our event habits from the real one.

Confer-O-Matic is a platform for events in the 3D virtual world. With hundreds of attendees enjoying different types of events with great interactivity and rich content, we provide an alternative to traditional video conferencing events & meetings. 

It is great to meet people face to face, in real world, no question about that. But sometimes it is not possible or desirable (because of financial, organizational or time-saving reasons).

Until recently, videoconferencing was the only other option. For larger events however, this is not an ideal solution - poeple get bored, tired, overwhelmed by the large crowd on one screen. You have all seen a meeting with tens or even hunderds of people via Teams, Meet, Zoom ...

It does not have to be like that - Confer-O-Matic may be the missing link - where you can choose where to go, what to do, whom to meet as you wish. Just like you would at an event in real world.

Confer-O-Matic is a platform for

Internal company events

Public events

Business events

Business oriented meetings, such as all-hands meetings, fiscal year kick-offs or closures, QBRs are those where Confer-O-Matic adds the desired interaction, networking and freedom compared to traditional online videoconferencing tools. Not to mention the fun around :) 


Conference events and our desire to bring as much from the real world as possible is where Confer-O-Matic was born. With live or pre-recorded talks, multiple tracks, partner booths, side-program or break discussions it brings the core of the event to attendees anywhere in the world.

Entertainment internal events

Events like Christmas party, company anniversary, theme-days like "Family", "Mental health", "Personal growth" and others can be also held in Confer-O-Matic platform with many of the "fun" and team work features used in these scenarios.


Job fairs, product fairs or any other type of fair where public meets presenters at their booths. Confer-O-Matic allows exhibitors to present their content - audio / video / text or even 3D models or live interaction with their producs. End of course enjoy live discussions with the visitors.

Specialized events

Confer-O-Matic can also be used for specific events like "Open Doors Day" - welcoming potential new hires, students or members of the community. Online assessment centers with interactive tasks, group assignments, events for company's clients or business partners etc.

Community gatherings

Gatherings of communities that are either not possible at the moment  or that are not meeting in real life anyway. Combine the positive aspects of real-life and online events together and connect communities from all over the "real" world in the virtual one.

Cultural events

Concerts, theatrical plays, festivals and other types of events can be also held at Confer-O-Matic platform. Either as virtual only or in combination with the real world event, forming a hybrid one, bringing much larger crowd from all over the world.

Key platform features

Massive audience

Visit any place, talk to anyone. Enjoy the event with hundreds or even thousands attendees at the same time in a fully open 3D virtual world.

Free movement

Roam around the 3D world as you wish. You can walk, run or jump around. You may even be allowed to fly like a bird.

Easy networking

Meet old friends, make new friends. Say hello on the street, send simple text message or join group video chat. Private or public, it’s your choice.

Partner booths & presentation

Many ways to promote & present your event partners via interactive booths, branding or chat zones.

Fun & engagement

Explore open world. Search for hidden treasures. Unlock special avatars and items. Enjoy after party dancing, clapping, waving at friends.

Live talks & presentations

Watch live talks with external speakers or fellow colleagues. Discuss interesting talk details with the speaker afterwards.

Confer-O-Matic is a platform running as a client application on Windows 10 and macOS operating systems.
Just download, unzip & run. No installation, VR equipment or anything else needed.

What our clients and attendees are saying?

I think mDevCamp just nailed the part I was missing the most in remote events - the ‘being in the room’ feeling. Well done!
Vadim Drobinin iOS Engineer, Public speaker
Great job guys!!! this is the real virtual conference on steroids.
Dominik Simonik GDG Organizer
I am delighted. Hopefully this will be a direction other online conferences will take.
Joanna Lamch Microsoft MVP Expert

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