External web-based applications

You can enable visitors of your event to reach out to other web based applications via

  • embedded web browser which opens within the Confer-O-Matic application
  • default web browser which opens the desired web page as a new tab in your default browser 

These browsers can be invoked either by clicking on a selected object or moving into a designated zone within the world

This way you can use this feature to

  • provide access to information via Google Drive, One Drive, company Wiki, knowledge base, LMS or other document sources)
  • present your products & services via video or presentation links
  • collaborate via tools like Miro, Mural, Jamboard and other web-based whiteboarding & collaboration tools
  • gamify your experience via web-based games, such as Codenames
  • enable booth organizers/partners to share their own desktop screen via tools like OBS.Ninja