World Themes

Connect people from around the globe in one perfect virtual world setting

Fancy a night out at the theatre? Perhaps camping in the woods is more your style. How about walking in a winter wonderland? Our extensive world theme selection means you'll always find what you're looking for.  Or, if you need something extra special, we can always build a custom fantasy world just for you. 

Different themes may have different capacity, please discuss your specific needs with our customer success team and/or your dedicated project manager in order to chose an option that best suits your purpose.

Summer Nature Theme

Forest World

Recommended max. attendees: 300
Optimal concurrent attendees: 80-100

Round World

Recommended max. attendees: 450
Optimal concurrent attendees: 100-120

Square World

Recommended max. attendees: 600
Optimal concurrent attendees: 100-120

Island World

Recommended max. attendees: 500
Optimal concurrent attendees: 100-150

Winter Nature Theme

Small Winter World

Recommended max. attendees: 250
Optimal concurrent attendees: 80-120

Large Winter World

Recommended max. attendees: 400
Optimal concurrent attendees: 120-180

Other themes


Recommended max. attendees: 150
Optimal concurrent attendees: 60-100

Night Club

Recommended max. attendees: 200
Optimal concurrent attendees: 80-130

Custom worlds

Recommended max. attendees: thousands
Optimal concurrent attendees: depending on the size of the world

Seen all the world themes but still haven't found the perfect one? No problem, just create your own!

Maybe your team needs a trip to the beach, or you want to take your clients on a trip to space... whatever your mind can think up, we can help you create it.

Disclaimer: These worlds are proprietary and can't be used, displayed here just for reference.